Libby’s Super Bowl Squares

Libby loved playing the Superbowl squares! Why? Because she always won! Ask anyone who ever sat through a superbowl party with her! This year we see the Kansas City Chiefs up against the Philadelphia Eagles, for a game that is bound to be a good on!

So how will this work? Choose how many square(s) you want to purchase and then enter your preferred number(s). We will try and keep this up to date so you can see which numbers have gone (blacked out), but no promises. If your number(s) have gone we will randomly assign you a numbers to you. When all number are sold we will randomly select a ‘score’ to assign to each line/column. Then at each stage of the game if the last digit for each team aligns with your square then you are a winner!

Cost is $20 for one square or $50 for three.

Prizes are: $200 for score after 1st quarter, $200 for score after 2nd quarter, $200 for score after 3rd quarter and $200 + 2 twosome rounds of golf at Oak Creek golf course for the final score

*small print – Final means if it goes into overtime… not automatically after 4 quarters!

We are sorry but all our squares have now been sold!