About Us

Our story began back in the early 2000s in southern Anne Arundel County is Maryland. The first of us met as neighbors and coworkers who quickly became friends. Our group expanded with the introduction of friends of friends and new neighbors and significant others and babies. Eventually, as the kids began to outnumber the grownups, our membership grew to include the parents of our children’s classmates and teammates until we became what we are now: a big, beautifully rambunctious (i.e. really loud, but in a good way) bunch.

Like any friend-family, we’ve weathered our fair share of storms together. Libby’s DIPG diagnosis in October 2018 and the fight that followed were, to put it mildly, a thunderstorm, a tornado, and a typhoon all rolled into one.

Even so, we realize that we are tremendously fortunate, having access to privileges and resources that many people living within just a few miles of us don’t. Several of us were shocked, however, to discover that it is just about impossible to locate volunteering opportunities to help our kids learn firsthand about the importance of working to improve the lives of local community members.

We can’t change the past, but we can change the future. Instead of “Why did this have to happen?” we find ourselves asking “How can we keep this from happening to someone else?”

That being the case, our mission became clear.

Give kids a chance:
* To live without cancer
* To build a better world

Of course, none of us are cancer researchers, and we can’t – on our own, at least – come up with enough opportunities for all of the kids who want to volunteer in their communities. What we can do is try to get necessary resources to the people who need them. To that end, we’ve identified two specific goals:

  1. Raise funds to contribute to organizations that fight childhood cancer, especially the one that took Libby from us.
  2. Build a platform that will help young people find local opportunities for community service. (Libby adored helping people, so she would’ve been all over this!)

So that’s what we intend to do. And, it being us, we’re going to have as much fun as we can along the way. #LiveLikeLibby