Kingdom Investors – Food Pack 2024

We are excited to be back with Kingdom Investors packing more meals! last year we packed over 20,000 meals, that made their way to Haiti to feed children that really needed them.

When: 9th March from 9am – 1pm (please don’t be late!)

Where: Strickland Farm, 603 W Bayfront Road, Lothian MD. We will be in a barn with lots of standing, wear comfortable clothes.

What: Food packing!

Who: Kids aged 10-18

This is our third year partnering with Kingdom Investors and again we will be packing as many meals, and we are talking multiple thousands, as we can. These meals will then all be packed off and sent to a destination where they will make a real difference. That maybe within the US, or beyond, where other kids are desperate for food. However because we have a lot to achieve we need volunteers who can follow instructions, stay focused and work hard. Please understand that they will be expected to work, and not get bored after 5 minutes and expect to be able to go and play! And to say… this is for kids to volunteer and not for parents to say ‘well I will volunteer with them’ and then the parents ends up doing all the work. We are more than happy for the kids be be dropped off and picked up later, but hard work is expected! When you sign up, you sign up for the whole session, which will end in a provided lunch! Got it? Kids are in for it? Well fill in the form below!!

If something happens after you sign up and you need to withdraw, please email

This event is now over, but do not worry – we will be back next year!