Mr. Ted’s Relay a Great Success

This year’s relay had to contend with a pandemic and rain, but that didn’t deter anyone! With your help, Mr. Ted and Ms. Snow added an impressive 63.71 miles to Alex’s Lemonade Stand’s The Million Mile 2020. To all those who walked and donated, we couldn’t do what we do without you!

In case you need an extra reminder of why what we do matters, Dr. Jeffrey Rubens says it better than we ever could. (Dr. Rubens was Libby’s primary doctor and works in the lab that’s still using Libby’s cells to further their research into metastatic DIPG.)

December 2020 update from Dr. Rubens!
“I wanted to let you know that we were recently awarded our Alex’s Million Mile research grant that came out to $57,767! We hired a new researcher who has recently finished a graduate program in molecular biology here at Hopkins and wants to someday open his own lab working in pediatric cancer research. He is going to start early in the new year and will be testing the efficacy of new drug combinations in DIPG and AT/RT as soon as he joins us. Thank you again for all of your help raising these funds! It makes a huge difference in our work.”